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Jamie Johnson
Author of Velocity: The Basics: Scripting with a $ here and a # to do, Web Developer and former Computing Support Analyst and Licensed Professional Counselor

February 24, 2015

When developing a responsive website (i.e. RWD - Responsive Web Design), it is helpful to know what the breakpoint is when certain behaviors happen or should happen. And it is helpful to do this without blocking anything at lower resolutions. I introduce to you my RWDtester, a simple bit of JavaScript to see what the pixel width is for the window you are viewing even as you resize it. For example, resize this window and look at the title bar or tab associated with it and as you resize, watch the number change.

Want to use it? There are multiple ways to do it. You can simply put this code in your page:

<script src="></script>

Simple and streamlined, the script prepends the pixel width of the window to the title.

Try it out!