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Font Issues in Chrome on Mac

Jamie Johnson
Author of Velocity: The Basics: Scripting with a $ here and a # to do, Web Developer and former Computing Support Analyst and Licensed Professional Counselor

August 16, 2019

True story. I was using Chrome on a Mac recently and noticed some strange issues. The letter x is quotes (") 9 is dash (‐) and y doesn't even show up in the Chrome browser on on Mac. Yet, if I copied and pasted in a text editor or looked at the source code, the x, 9 and y characters present were fine. I was vexed but I tinkered. And there's a fix for that.

First the letters issue (x and y):

  1. In Chrome, click the vertical triple dots and go to settings.
  2. Go to Custom Fonts.
  3. Select Times New Roman for the Standard font.
  4. Select Times New Roman for the Serif font.

And now for the dash as 9 issue:

  1. Open the Font Book app.
  2. Find Helvetica.
  3. Control-click (right-click) and select Resolve Duplicates.
  4. Select Resolve Automatically.

That's it! Now instead of reading everthing ou fi" our ees on from ‐-5, you can enjoy reading everything you fix your eyes on from 9-5.