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Facebook Source Video Tool

Jamie Johnson

May 12, 2021

Facebook has a lot of videos. And sometimes, it's nice to share the link to the video without all of the clutter. The video file type is MP4 (.mp4). I wrote this Facebook Source Video Tool to get the link to the MP4 source video of the posted video. This can be helpful if you want to embed or extract a public Facebook video (such as or share it with someone who doesn't have a Facebook account and may not want to see the clutter that comes with a public Facebook page. Simply paste the source code of the Facebook video page below and submit to get your link to the MP4 source video. Update: This no longer downloads audible video, but only the video without audio, which could be useful in GIF conversion. I recommend using Social Private Video Downloader by Getfvid. There is now also my Facebook Mobile Video Tool.