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A DataTable with an Initial Search Value - Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson

April 28, 2016

I have been on a DataTable kick. Specifically, I have written multiple articles about SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery and various features or functions thereof. In this article, I show how to take advantage of DataTable's search function in a way so as to pre-populate the search with an initial value. To do this, I wrote some of my own script, which parses the URL and from it grabs a parameter to pass to the DataTable.

Below, I have a table of surnames from my family tree. What if I wanted to link to this page and have an initial search value already in place? With my script and SpryMedia's DataTable plug-in, that can be arranged! If you click on the below links, you will see the table repopulate with the parameter passed by the link. My script parses out the value after ?filter= and sets that as the initial search value. Since spaces in URLs are %20, that value is replaced with a space before the search value is set. You will see further in the code other characters requiring replacement. Every time this page loads, the search value is set from the URL, but if there is no filter parameter, my script ignores it. Since the default value is an empty string, the DataTables plug-in ignores it. That default value is overwritten by my script when a parameter is present. I also added column searches as I show how to do in my article A Filtered DataTable so that once one has a subset of the data based on the "filter" parameter grabbed by my script, one can still search the resulting data.

Carolingians | Capetians | Vikings | Ancient Irish Kings | Kings of Wales | Saxon Kings
and to demonstrate spaces being allowed in the search: La Zouche

Clear search results

Search by Surname: Search by File:
Abiß (AbiB - Aubis) kuchler.htm
Adams ebkj.htm
Aignech (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Ailtlethan (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Albertson newby.htm
Ambrose (de Ambrose) anjou.htm
Ammel ps.htm
Anjou (d'Anjou) beaumont-vermandois.htm, anjou.htm
Au (Eye), Aue, Awe, Auge, and possibly Auer ap.htm
Aucher culpeper.htm
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Bailey newby.htm
Balun (Ballon, de Balun, de Ballon) braiose.htm
Banckard ? jk.htm
Bar (Bär) jlab.htm?, ps.htm
Barber newby.htm
Bardfeld/Barnfield culpeper.htm
Bardolfe malet.htm
Barrett culpeper.htm
Bassett malet.htm, hardreshull.htm
Bauer kuchler.htm
Bayhall culpeper.htm
Beaumont (de Beaumont / de Bellomont / Bellomont) braiose.htm, zouche.htm"
Bec (de Bec) malet.htm
Becker cb.htm
Beisrudd wales-mercia.htm
Beli wales-mercia.htm
Bell newby.htm
Billung louvain.htm This line needs verification. Still researching.
Bisher (Bescherer, Bescher, Bischer, Bischere, Besherer, Bischerer, Bishear, Beshiar, Beschever, Bescheer, Beescher, Beashear, Bishir, Byshire, Buysher, Bysheare) whj.htm, cb.htm
Bittmann (Pitman) cff.htm
Björnsson (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Bleddri wales-mercia.htm
Blower newby.htm
Boissey (de Boissey) ? braiose.htm
Bolgrach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Bolton whj.htm, bm.htm
Booth lassiter.htm
Boru (Bóruma) leinster.htm
Bower (probable) culpeper.htm
Bowman mepf.htm
Braci culpeper.htm
Brandli (Brand, Brandt, Braund, Brando, Brann, Braun, Bront) coffman.htm
Braose (Briouze, Braiose, Braos, de Briouze, de Braose / de Braiose / de Braos) culpeper.htm, braiose.htm
Brecc (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Breg (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Brobst Refer to Propst.
Brocton newby.htm
Bruere / Briwere (de Bruere) braiose.htm
Buadach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
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Cadell wales-mercia.htm
Cadfan wales-mercia.htm
Cadwaladr wales-mercia.htm
Caellaide leinster.htm
Cáem (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Cam (De Cam) newby.htm
Campbell whj.htm, mepf.htm
Cantelowe/Cantilupe/Cantelou (de Cantelowe, de Cantilupe, de Cantelou) culpeper.htm
Capet capet.htm
Caisfiaclach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Cathwulf ? alfred-the-great.htm
Cétchathach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Charles newby.htm
Chaworth (de Chaworth) braiose.htm
Cheyne (de Cheyne) aucher.htm
Clare (de Clare) braiose.htm
Clark ebkj.htm
Clermont (Claremont, de Clermont, de Claremont) braiose.htm
Coffman (Kauffman) mepf.htm, coffman.htm
Conkling ? bm.htm
Conteville (de Conteville) beaumont-vermandois.htm
Copenhaver cff.htm
Corb (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Correole (de Correole) malet.htm
Cotton (probable) culpeper.htm
Cowger (Gauger) ?Research Note mar.htm, email-from-jeff-carr-to-glenn-huffman.htm
Crabill (also Grabill, Krahenbühl) cff.htm, ccms.htm, uk.htm
Cranford whj.htm
Crispin malet.htm, capet.htm
Croffe newby.htm
Cruaidchelgach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Crummett* (Grommet, Grummet, Cromet, Crummit, Crommet, Krommet) wls.htm
Culpepper/Culpeper/Colepeper bm.htm, pritchard.htm, culpeper.htm
Cunedda wales-mercia.htm
Cynan wales-mercia.htm
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d'Ainon malet.htm
d'Anjou (Anjou) beaumont-vermandois.htm, anjou.htm
d'Orleans capet.htm
Dáire (mac Dáire) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Dda wales-mercia.htm
de Ambrose (Ambrose) anjou.htm
de Balun (de Ballon, Balun, Ballon) braiose.htm
de Bar-sur-Aube beaumont-vermandois.htm
de Beaumont (Beaumont / de Bellomont / Bellomont) braiose.htm, zouche.htm
de Bec (Bec) malet.htm
de Boissey (Boissey) ? braiose.htm
de Braiose (de Briouze, de Braose / de Braos / Braose, Braiose, Briouze, Braos) culpeper.htm, braiose.htm
de Bruere (Bruere, Briwere) braiose.htm
De Cam (Cam) newby.htm
de Cantelowe / de Cantilupe / de Cantelou (Cantelowe/Cantilupe/Cantelou) culpeper.htm
de Chaworth (Chaworth) braiose.htm
de Cheyne (Cheyne) aucher.htm
de Clare (Clare) braiose.htm
de Claremont (de Clermont, Claremont, Clermont) braiose.htm
de Conteville (Conteville) beaumont-vermandois.htm
de Correole (Correole) malet.htm
de Gael (Gael) zouche.htm
de Galloway (Galloway) zouche.htm
de Gloucester (Gloucester) braiose.htm
de Gournai / de Gournay (Gournai / Gournay) culpeper.htm
de Grandmesnil (Grandmesnil) zouche.htm
de Grey (Grey) hardreshull.htm
de Guildford (Guildford) culpeper.htm
de Guines (Guines) malet.htm
de Hacche (Hacche) hardreshull.htm
de Hardreshull (Hardreshull) culpeper.htm, hardreshull.htm
de Hugleville (Hugleville) braiose.htm
de la Haye Auberie beaumont-vermandois.htm
De Landen (Landen) charlemagne.htm
de Leybourne (Leybourne) aucher.htm
de Mandeville (Mandeville) aucher.htm
de Mayenne (Mayenne) braiose.htm
de Meriet/De Meriet/De Merriott (Meriet/Meriet/Merriott) newby.htm
de Meulan (Meulan) beaumont-vermandois.htm
de Montfort (Montfort) zouche.htm
De Montgomery/Montgomery (possibly) newby.htm
de Morvois/Morvois (possibly fictitious) carolingians.htm
de Neufmarché (Neufmarché) braiose.htm
de Northwode (Northwode) aucher.htm
de Pitlesden (Pitlesden) culpeper.htm
de Pitres (Pitres, de Pistri, Pistri) braiose.htm
de Pont-Audemer beaumont-vermandois.htm
de Quincy (Quincy) culpeper.htm, zouche.htm
de Roucy (de Rouci, Roucy, Rouci) braiose.htm
de Sandwich (Sandwich) aucher.htm
de Say/de Sai (Say/Sai) aucher.htm
de St. Clare (St. Clare) ? braiose.htm
de St. Valéry (St. Valéry) braiose.htm
De Tickenham/DeTickenham (Tickenham) newby.htm
de Totnes (de Totenais, Totnes, Totenais) braiose.htm
de Vieilles (Vieilles) beaumont-vermandois.htm
de Vermandois (Vermandois) braiose.htm, carolingians.htm
de Walerie (Walerie, Wallbee) braiose.htm
Dedad (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
DeFrain, DeFroehn, DeFrehn, du Frene, Frain, Froehn, Frene, Frehn awsk.htm
Demal (mac Demal) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Diarmata (mac Diarmata) leinster.htm
Dickbuch zuppinger.htm
Digges (Dygge) aucher.htm
Dindaethwy wales-mercia.htm
Doimthech (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Domnaill (mac Domnaill, Domnail) leinster.htm
Donnchada (mac Donnchada) leinster.htm
Donsbach cb.htm
Dorfheilige jbr.htm
Dunscombe newby.htm
Dutt (Dut, Dutte, or Thut - changed to Toot in the 1750s) ps.htm
Dyall culpeper.htm
Dygge (Digges) aucher.htm
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Eckard* (Also seen as Eckhart, Eckhardt, Egard, Acord, Escart, Eckart, Eckert, Ecort, Ecker, Eckord, Ederd, changed from Egger in 1842) cjfj.htm, hjef.htm, ae.htm
Edern wales-mercia.htm
Einion wales-mercia.htm
Elidyr wales-mercia.htm
Elisedd wales-mercia.htm
Emna (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Eppert (Erbart, Eperd, Ebert, Eppard) jk.htm
Eriksson beaumont-vermandois.htm
Etheridge/Esteridge jn.htm
Eye* (Also seen as Au, Aue, Auge, and possibly Owie and Auer, changed from Au in 1845) ap.htm
Eysteinsson ? capet.htm
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Fáid (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Fáil (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Fáthach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Feidlech (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Fend (Faint) ae.htm
Fenner ? jlab.htm
Fetherlande newby.htm
Finn (mac Finn) leinster.htm
Finnfechtnach (Fionnfeachtnach) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Finnolach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Fisher (Fischer) cjfj.htm
Fithian ? bm.htm
fitz Alfred braiose.htm
Fitz William zouche.htm
FitzAnsculf newby.htm
FitzEadnoth newby.htm
FitzEstmond newby.htm
FitzGilbert braiose.htm
FitzHarding newby.htm
FitzNicholas newby.htm
FitzRichard braiose.htm
FitzRobert newby.htm
FitzRoger braiose.htm
FitzWalter braiose.htm
Flaitel braiose.htm
Frych wales-mercia.htm
Funkhouser (Funkhauser, Fankhauser) cff.htm, mepf.htm, funkhouser.htm
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Gael (de Gael) zouche.htm
Gainsford culpeper.htm
Galloway (de Galloway) zouche.htm
Garb (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Gardiner ? bm.htm
Gauger (Cowger) ?Research Note mar.htm, email-from-jeff-carr-to-glenn-huffman.htm
Giffard braiose.htm
Gilbert jn.htm
Glas (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Glaus strickler.htm
Gloucester (de Gloucester) braiose.htm
Glumra ? capet.htm
Gosbey/Gosby newby.htm
Gotteskind? ap.htm
Gotz ? jk.htm
Gournai / Gournay (de Gournai / de Gournay) culpeper.htm
Grabill (also Crabill, Krahenbühl) cff.htm, ccms.htm, uk.htm
Grandmesnil (de Grandmesnil) zouche.htm
Grey (de Grey) hardreshull.htm
Grimm cn.htm
Grogg* (likely from the German surname Gruck) esjl.htm, wls.htm
Grommett* (Crummett, Grummet, Cromet, Crummit, Crommet, Krommet) wls.htm
Grove (probable) culpeper.htm
Gruyffydd braiose.htm
Guildford (de Guildford) culpeper.htm
Guines (de Guines) malet.htm
Gulby culpeper.htm
Gwriad wales-mercia.htm
Gwynedd wales-mercia.htm
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Haber ps.htm
Hacche (de Hacche) hardreshull.htm
Hagman (Hockman) zuppinger.htm
Hall loflin.htm
Hans (Hanns) ps.htm
Harding newby.htm
Hardreshull (de Hardreshull) culpeper.htm
Harwood owf.htm
Hayward/Heyward newby.htm
Haughton newby.htm
Heinzinger ? jk.htm
Herbert jn.htm
Herkel ae.htm
Hert aucher.htm
Herter awsk.htm
Hevener* (Hoffner, Haeffner, Havenor) ?Research Note mar.htm, es.htm
Hicks whj.htm
Hill whj.htm, lassiter.htm
Hir wales-mercia.htm
Hirschi (Hirsch, Hershey, Hirshfeld, Hersh, Hersch and Herrscher) coffman.htm
Hofer uk.htm
Hoffstetter ns.htm
Hopkins bm.htm
Hoover* (Hoovert, Huber, Hover, changed from Huver in 1830) wls.htm
Hring (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Hubbard nance.htm This line needs verification. Still researching.
Hudson nance.htm This line needs verification. Still researching.
Huffman* (Also seen as Hoffman) mar.htm, ap.htm
Hugleville (de Hugleville) braiose.htm
Hyfaidd wales-mercia.htm
Hywel wales-mercia.htm
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Iago wales-mercia.htm
Idwal wales-mercia.htm
Igorevich beaumont-vermandois.htm, kiev.htm
Imgel (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Ingerina (speculated) lothair-constance.htm
Ironside (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Ivarsson ? capet.htm
Ivy (Ivey/Ivie) ebkj.htm
Iwrch wales-mercia.htm
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Jaeger (Yaeger, Yeager)? jlab.htm
Johnson (possibly Johnston or Johnstone) root.htm, whj.htm, ahj.htm (origin of name)
Jost (Jest, Jeste, Joce, Joyce, Jose, Joist, Jost, Joust, Joost, Just, Yost) cn.htm
Jung ?Research Note es.htm
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Kämpfer cb.htm
Kauffman (Coffman) coffman.htm
Kearns (Keerans, and likely Kerns, Carns, Currins, Currans) whj.htm, wehmac.htm
Kern ps.htm
Kenyon newby.htm
Kiesling (Kissling) awsk.htm
King ? ebkj.htm
Kiser* (Keiser, Kayser, Kizer) hjef.htm, jk.htm
Kneisley/Knicely (Knüssli) coffman.htm
Knolles culpeper.htm
Köhler (Kohler) kuchler.htm
Kolodzie (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Krahenbühl (also Krahenbuhl, ancestry of Crabill, Grabill) ccms.htm, uk.htm
Küchler/Kuchler mar.htm, kuchler.htm
Kuhni cn.htm
Kunzi uk.htm
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la Zouche (la Zusche, Zouche, Zusche) culpeper.htm, zouche.htm
Labrainne (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Ladrach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Lamb* (Also Lam/Lamm, changed from Lamm in 1832) hjef.htm
Landen (De Landen) charlemagne.htm
Lassiter (Lasater, Lasiter, Lassater, Lasetter, Laseter, Lester, Leister) wehmac.htm, lassiter.htm
Laughlin (Loflin, Loftin) whj.htm, loflin.htm
Lautenschläger (Lautenschlager) jbr.htm
Lawhir wales-mercia.htm
Layman (Lehman) cff.htm
Leeman cn.htm
Lewes lassiter.htm
Leybourne (de Leybourne) aucher.htm
Liechti (Liechty, Lichdi, Lichty, Leichty, Leighty, Leichti, Liechti) ccms.htm
Liègarde carolingians.htm
Lingel (Lingle) jk?, and awsk.htm
Llywelyn braiose, wales-mercia
Llywarch wales-mercia
Lodbrok/Lothbrok (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Loígde (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Longsword (Longue-Épée) capet.htm
Lorc (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Lorcáin (mac Lorcáin) leinster.htm
Löw (Low) kuchler.htm
Luaigne (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Lugenbühl ccms.htm
Lusc (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Luther wehmac.htm
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mac Dáire (Dáire) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
mac Demal (Demal) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
mac Diarmata (Diarmata) leinster.htm
mac Domnaill (Domnaill, Domnail) leinster.htm
mac Donnchada (Donnchada) leinster.htm
mac Finn (Finn) leinster.htm
mac Lorcáin (Lorcáin) leinster.htm
mac Máel (Máel) leinster.htm
mac Maenach (Maenach) leinster.htm
mac Main(Main) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
mac Rothechtaid (Rothechtaid) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
MacMurrough (Mac Murchada, mac Murchadh, McMurrough) braiose, leinster.htm
Máel (mac Máel) leinster.htm
Maelgwn wales-mercia.htm
Maggs culpeper.htm
Malbank malet.htm
Malet culpeper.htm, malet.htm
Mallow (Mallo) ?Research Note mar.htm
Mandeville (de Mandeville) aucher.htm
Mantel kuchler.htm
Már (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Maredudd wales-mercia.htm
Markett culpeper.htm
Marshal / Marischal / Mareschall aucher.htm, braiose.htm
Martel charlemagne.htm
Martiniakoi (speculated) lothair-constance.htm
Mauser* ps.htm
Mawr wales-mercia.htm
Mayenne (de Mayenne) braiose.htm
Mayer ?Research Note es.htm
Mayo pritchard.htm
McMullen owf.htm
Merfyn wales-mercia.htm
Meriet/Meriet/Merriott (de Meriet/De Meriet/De Merriott) newby.htm
Meulan (de Meulan) beaumont-vermandois.htm
Meurig wales-mercia.htm
Meyer zuppinger.htm
Miller owf.htm, mar.htm ?Research Note
Molbthach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Molwynog wales-mercia.htm
Montfort (de Montfort) zouche.htm
Montgomery/De Montgomery (possibly) newby.htm
Mór (Mor) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Morda leinster.htm
Morris whj.htm
Mortimer malet.htm
Morvois/de Morvois (possibly fictitious) carolingians.htm
Moser ccms.htm
Mucna (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Müller (Muller) cn.htm, coffman.htm
Munchain (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
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Náir (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Nance (also seen as Nantes, Nantz, Naantz) wehmac.htm, nance.htm
Nash owf.htm, jn.htm
Neit (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Nelson loflin.htm
Neuenschwander mepf.htm, ccms.htm, cn.htm
Neufmarché (de Neufmarché) braiose.htm
Newby bm.htm, newby.htm
Nicholson newby.htm
Northwode (de Northwode) aucher.htm
Norton culpeper.htm
Nose ? capet.htm
Nuadat (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Nussli zuppinger.htm
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O'Braenain leinster.htm
O'Toole (Ní Tuathail) braiose.htm, leinster.htm
Olcháin (Olchain) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Ollamh (Olum) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Olmucaid (Olmucada) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Olofsdotter beaumont-vermandois.htm
Osbern braiose.htm
Owain braiose.htm
Oxenbridge aucher.htm
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Page bm.htm
Paveley culpeper.htm
Paynel newby.htm
Pence ap.htm
Pieferin awsk.htm
Pifer (Pfeiffer) owf.htm, mepf.htm
Pitlesden (de Pitlesden) culpeper.htm
Pitres (de Pitres, de Pistri, Pistri) braiose.htm
Pitman (Bittmann) cff.htm
Pritchard (Prechet) bm.htm, pritchard.htm
Propst* (Brobst, Probst, Props, Propts, Kropst) hjef.htm, awsk.htm, mar.htm, ap.htm, ae.htm, email-from-jeff-carr-to-glenn-huffman.htm
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Quincy/de Quincy culpeper.htm, zouche.htm
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Rechtmar (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Rednap newby.htm
Reese ebkj.htm
Réoderg (Riab nDerg) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Rexrode* (Rixrer, Rixroth, Rixrod, Rexrod, Rexroad, Rexrodt, Recksrodt) hjef.htm, ap.htm, wls.htm
Rhodri wales-mercia.htm
Rhun wales-mercia.htm
Riddick ? lassiter.htm
Rígderg (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Riley wehmac.htm
Ringelheim carolingians.htm
Riurikovich kiev.htm
Robbins ? bm.htm
Rodes (Roth), also seen as Rhodes and Roads mepf.htm
Roesch (Rösch) ps.htm
Roper culpeper.htm
Rothechtaid (mac Rothechtaid) (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Roucy (Rouci, de Roucy, de Rouci) braiose.htm
Ruad (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Ruffner/Rufner strickler.htm
Ruleman/Ruhlman* (Rollman, Roleman, Ruhlmann, Rolman, Ruhleman, Rubman) ae.htm, ap.htm
Rytz cn.htm
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Sáeglach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Sandwich (de Sandwich) aucher.htm
Say/Sai (de Say/de Sai) aucher.htm
Schnepp/Schneppff (Snapp) cff.htm
Schonauer mepf.htm, zuppinger.htm
Schworm jpbp.htm
Scefing (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Sedley (probable) culpeper.htm
Segamain (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Segersèll beaumont-vermandois.htm, vikings.htm
Seibert* (Seybert) ?Research Note mar.htm, es.htm
Seisyll wales-mercia.htm
Shattuck (Shatluck, Shattocke) bm.htm
Simmons* (Sieman, Siemon, Simon, changed from Simmon in 1836) hjef.htm, wls.htm, esjl.htm
Simpson newby.htm
Sírchréchtach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Skeen ahj.htm
Skötkonung beaumont-vermandois.htm
Sledge ebkj.htm
Smith* (changed from Schmidt in 1831) hjef.htm, ap.htm, wls.htm, esjl.htm
Snapp (Schnepp/Schnepff) cff.htm
Sommerland ? jk.htm
Spengler ?Research Note es.htm
St. Clare (de St. Clare) ? braiose.htm
St. Valéry (de St. Valéry) braiose.htm
Strongbow braiose.htm
Stafford culpeper.htm, hardreshull.htm
Stephens (Stäffen, Stauffen, Steffen, Stephen, Stephan) ps.htm
Stickley (Stöckli) mepf.htm, strickler.htm
Stolz zuppinger.htm
Storràda (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Stover (Stauffer) mepf.htm, ccms.htm, ns.htm
Strickler mepf.htm, strickler.htm
Supinger (Zuppinger) mepf.htm, zuppinger.htm
Sutton newby.htm
Surratt (Suratt, Surratee) wehmac.htm
Sviatoslavich beaumont-vermandois.htm
Symons bm.htm
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Tadlock lassiter.htm
Techtmar (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Tegid wales-mercia.htm
Temrach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Thommen, a Swiss name, patronymic from a short form of Thomas strickler.htm
Tickenham (De Tickenham/DeTickenham) newby.htm
Tinsley nance.htm This line needs verification. Still researching.
Tolgrach (likely fictitious - Irish legend) ireland.htm
Toms/Tomes newby.htm
Toot (See Dutt above) ps.htm
Toste (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Totnes (Totenais, de Totnes, de Totenais) braiose.htm
Towne aucher.htm
Tuathail (O'Toole) braiose.htm, leinster.htm
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Ulfhamr (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Uppsale (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Urchadh leinster.htm
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Veltin? (theorized) ps.htm
Vidfamne (mythical - Viking saga) vikings.htm
Vieilles (de Vieilles) beaumont-vermandois.htm
Vermandois (de Vermandois) braiose.htm, carolingians.htm
Voegel mar.htm
von Spoleto charlemagne.htm
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Waggy*, Wege, Wagey, Wagy, Waga, Wage (changed from Wage in 1839) hjef.htm, ap.htm
Walerie (de Walerie, Wallbee) braiose.htm
Waller culpeper.htm
Ward newby.htm
Wahli cn.htm
Wanckel kuchler.htm
Webb ebkj.htm
Weber zuppinger.htm, ps.htm
Weiss (Wise, Weisz, Weese, Wease, Weaze, Wies, Wees) awsk.htm
Weyer zuppinger.htm
White ? bm.htm
Wilcock/Wilcox newby.htm
Willer ps.htm
Wimer esjl.htm
Wirth zuppinger.htm
Wledig wales-mercia.htm
Woodcock (probable) culpeper.htm
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Yaroslavna beaumont-vermandois.htm
Yrth wales-mercia.htm
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Zaoutzaina (speculated) lothair-constance.htm
Zbinden strickler.htm
Zorn (Zornes) ap.htm
Zouche (Zusche, la Zusche, la Zouche) culpeper.htm, zouche.htm
Zuppinger (Supinger) mepf.htm, zuppinger.htm

And here's the code (Items related to setting the initial value of the search are highlighted.):

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//,r-2.0.2/datatables.min.css"/>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//,r-2.0.2/datatables.min.js"></script>
td { text-align:center; } 
th:first-child, td:first-child { text-align:left; } 
#example_filter { position: relative; left: -40px; }
/* start DataTable initial-value search from parameter by @jamesarthurjohn */
var searchquery = '';
	searchquery = window.location.toString().split('?filter=');
	searchquery = searchquery[1];
	searchquery = searchquery.replace('%20',' ');
	searchquery = searchquery.replace('%27',"'");
	searchquery = searchquery.replace('%22','');
/* end DataTable initial-value search from parameter by @jamesarthurjohn */
$(document).ready(function() {
    var oTable = $('.datatable').dataTable( { 
		responsive: true, 
		"aaSorting": [ ],
		"oLanguage": {"sSearch": "Search all columns:"},
		"aoColumns": [
			{ "asSorting": [ "desc", "asc" ] },
			{ "asSorting": [ "desc", "asc" ] } //[ null ] will make it not sortable
		"search": { "search": searchquery } 
	} ); 
	/* can do other options like paging: false, searching: false, info: false, ordering: false 
	and others at */
	// surname search 
	// 0 is the first td in tr.colsearch and is identified as surnamesearch
	$(".colsearch td").eq(0).html('<input type="text" name="descriptionSearch" id="surnamesearch" />'); 
	$("#surnamesearch").keyup( function () { // tying it to the identifier surnameearch
		oTable.fnFilter( this.value, 0, null, false ); // 0 is the first column
	} );              
	// file search
	// 1 is the second td in tr.colsearch and is identified as filesearch
	$(".colsearch td").eq(1).html('<input type="text" name="descriptionSearch" id="filesearch" />');  
	$("#filesearch").keyup( function () { // tying it to the identifier filesearch
		oTable.fnFilter( this.value, 1, null, false ); // 1 is the second column
	} );
} );

<table border="3" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" class="datatable"> 
<tr class="searchhelp">
<td><span>Search by Surname:</span></td>
<td><span>Search by File:</span></td>
<tr class="colsearch"><td></td><td></td></tr>
<tr><td>some surname</td><td><a href="">some file link</a></td></tr>

The links that populate the initial search value are constructed per this example:

<a href="datatable-with-initial-search-value.html?filter=carolingian">Carolingians</a>

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