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Color Calculator
- Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson

September 8, 2022

I wrote long ago that yellow plus red is not orange. Rather, I suggested it was a mean of the numbers. That is partly true since the hexadecimal values are triplets where each double represents one number. So, #450084 would represent values 45, 00 and 84. Those are RGB values. And it is really taking the two colors (or hexadecimal values) and then splitting them into their respective triplets and finding the average for the first, second and third pairs and then coming up with a new hexadecimal number. Well, this page has the tool to accomplish that where one can specify two colors (or 6-character hexadecimal codes) and from that will get a table with the two colors and the combination of the two. The cells will be highlighted accordingly and provide both the hexadecimal and RGB values. NOTE Click on colored cells to toggle the font color between black and white.


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