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Just a simple site for me - James "Jamie" Johnson - to share techie things such as the following:

# Article, Tool, or Website Author Post Date Description May 30, 2024 Print the parts of any web page while skipping ads and other items.
printfriendly PrintFriendly May 30, 2024 Convert Anything to PDF. Make web pages print-friendly and convert files to/from PDF, and then edit or sign your document by uploading a file or using a URL.
FlexClip PearlMountain May 22, 2024 An online video maker and editor, which can export to video, audio or gif images.
Python Readiness Dustin Ingram May 22, 2024 "Python support graph for specific Python versions for the most popular Python packages!"
Compress a PDF Adobe May 20, 2024 Drag and drop a PDF document to reduce its file size with Adobe's PDF Compressor.
Spit a PDF Adobe May 20, 2024 Drag and drop a PDF document to separate it into multiple files with Adobe's PDF Splitter.
Just Delete Me April 10, 2024 A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.
Dirpy Dirpy January 4, 2024 An advanced Internet Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service that records and converts freely available online media. For example, it can be used to download freely available YouTube videos.
Adobe Color Adobe November 8, 2023 Adobe Color wheel, a color palette generator.
PrintFriendly PrintFriendly November 8, 2023 Convert Anything to PDF: PDF Tools for documents and web pages. Make web pages printer-friendly and convert just about any file to/from PDF, and then edit or sign your document right here.
Twitter Video Downloader ThreadsVideoDown October 24, 2023 Download Twitter (now known as X) videos & GIF from tweets.
FDownloader FDownloader.Net October 10, 2023 Facebook Video Downloader. Free HD downloads or conversions (e.g., convert to mp3) of Facebook videos (public or private) and Facebook reels for free.
Convert PDF to Excel Adobe September 7, 2023 Convert PDF to Excel online for free from Adobe Acrobat.
Website Reputation Checker NoVirusThanks September 7, 2023 Help to detect potentially malicious websites, also with links to scan IP addresses.
FilePlanet FilePlanet July 18, 2023 Download the best apps for Android (APK) and Windows (EXE)., a Red Ventures Company July 18, 2023 Free software downloads and reviews. Kaleido - Visual AI July 18, 2023 Remove backgrounds from an image for free. Kaleido, part of the Canva family since 2021, uses visual artificial intelligence to remove backgrounds from images.
AutoDraw Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips with friends at Google Creative Lab July 18, 2023 "Start doodling and the AutoDraw suggestion tool will start guessing." Based on your drawing, the tool will suggest images based on machine learning AI (artificial intelligence).
Witeboard Abhi Kalakuntla July 18, 2023 Shareable online whiteboard LKCollab, LLC July 18, 2023 Create mind maps, collaboarate and present ideas in these digital thought bubbles.
Text To Image DeepAI July 13, 2023 Text To Image - Artificial Intelligence Image Generator API | DeepAI
Craiyon Craiyon LLC July 13, 2023 Free AI image generator: Create Artificial Intelligence Art. Yuval Adam June 29, 2023 "CIDR is a notation for describing blocks of IP addresses and is used heavily in various networking configurations. IP addresses contain 4 octets, each consisting of 8 bits giving values between 0 and 255. The decimal value that comes after the slash is the number of bits consisting of the routing prefix. This in turn can be translated into a netmask, and also designates how many available addresses are in the block." June 29, 2023 Offers "high quality processing of JPEG photos and pictures online." It has tools for resizing, conversion, effects, improvement, and various tools such as splitting images (cutting images into pieces), etc.
Phoenix June 29, 2023 "Phoenix is a modern, browser based, free software licenced code editor for building web apps."
Text to Speech Smart Link Corporation March 25, 2023 "Text to Voice, also known as Text-to-Speech (TTS), is a method of speech synthesis that converts a written text to an audio from the text it reads" (from
Vimeo full width embed Michael Coker February 10, 2023 This came out of a Stack Overflow discussion about how to embed a Vimeo video at full width. Show Code
Facebook Reels Video Downloader January 6, 2023 A website to download Facebook Reels (such as, which supports various devices and resolutions without having to use any other software.
Windows 96 ctrlz, ziad87, utf-4096, DarkOK and 2048 September 15, 2022 A 1990s OS, which runs fully in the browser as a Windows emulator/simulator.
Color Calculator James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 8, 2022 A tool where one can specify two colors (or 6-character hexadecimal codes) and from that will get a table with the two colors and the combination of the two. The cells will be highlighted accordingly and provide both the hexadecimal and RGB values.
Initial DataTable Search on Home Page James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 30, 2022 Now you can set default search on this page. If you want just datatable articles, add ?filter=datable to the URL. Example: datatable articles. Set the searchquery variable as I did in A DataTable with an Initial Search Value, but instead of setting "search" in the datatable call, add the line of JavaScript for $(window).load() seen at the very end of the source code for this page.
A DataTable with Hidden Drop-down Select Menu James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 30, 2022 What if I want to select from one drop-down menu and yet grab the corresponding value of another drop-down menu? In this example, I select a word from a displayed menu, but I get access to a corresponding number from a hidden drop-down menu. This DataTables implementation also uses AJAX to populate the table from JSON data.
Social Private Video Downloader Getfvid August 17, 2022 Want to get to the MP4 source video for a Facebook video? This is a better alternative to my Facebook Source Video Tool.
Facebook Mobile Video Tool James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson July 21, 2022 Want to get to the MP4 source video for a Facebook mobile video? My tool will provide the link to the source video so that it can be shared, embedded or extracted without the social media clutter.
Online Python Editor (Compiler/Interpreter) PYnative June 21, 2022 Online Python code editor (IDE) to run Python 3 code online quickly.
MySQL Syntax Check PiliApp June 14, 2022 An online SQL Query Syntax Checker/Validator
PCjs Machines Jeff Parsons June 2, 2022 Emulators/simulators of older Operating Systems up through Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95 (Win95) and of MS-DOS games, programmable calculators, terminals, arcade games -- all written in "JavaScript to recreate the IBM PC experience"
Windows 98 Emulator Isaiah Odhner, GitHub January 20, 2022 Web-based Windows 98 desktop where you can drag files and use old apps. Not a virtual Win98 PC, but the next best thing.
Diffchecker Checker Software Inc. December 14, 2021 Compare text to find the difference between two text files.
YouTube To MP3 Motionbox October 22, 2021 YouTube video converter, which also converts to AVI, FLV, GIF, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPEG, SWF, TS, VOB, WEBM, WMV, MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, FLAC and WMA.
TWSaver TWSaver October 12, 2021 TWSaver is a Twitter Video Downloader tool to download tweet videos.
Color Comparison Utility James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 16, 2021 Originally developed in 2010 and updated in 2017, this upgraded Color Comparison Utility (colorcompare) compares an entered hexadecimal color code to draggable objects (including iframes to sites/assets, which can be changed).
Work End Time Calculator James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 25, 2021 Just a simple calculator to see when your workday ends. Just enter the start time, hours and click the button and you'll see your finishing time.
Tools for Developers June 2, 2021

Free Online Toolbox for developers: Testers:
Regex, XPath, JSONPath, JSON Schema validator, XML Schema validator.
Code checkers: PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript.
Code testers: Golang, Java, PHP, Python.
HTTP API tools: REST, client SOAP, client Mock, REST API Web Service, Testing JSON, Web Storage.
Random Data Generator: CSV, Generator JSON.
Database tools: MySQL, Online PostgreSQL, OnlineSQLite, browser SQL, Formatter.
Code converter: Typescript to Javascript.
Converters: XML to JSON, XML to CSV, JSON to CSV, CSV to Excel, JSON to YAML.
Formatters: XML, JSON, CSV, Python.
Compare tools: JSON, diff JSON, Patch XML, diff Text, compare CSV, compare PDF.
Other: Merge CSV, XLSX viewer, PDF viewer.
Tools: CSS Generator, Sitemap Generator, Robots.txt Generator, Unzip Files, Zip Files, JPEG Image compressor.
Formatters: JavaScript minifier, CSS Formatter, HTML Formatter.
Other: RGB to Hex.

Facebook Source Video Tool James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson May 12, 2021 Want to get to the MP4 source video for a Facebook video? My tool will provide the link to the source video so that it can be shared, embedded or extracted without the social media clutter.
Online-Convert Imprint April 2, 2021 Free online file converter - Convert media files online from one format into another.
Convertio softo April 1, 2021 File Converter - Convert your files to any format. It has links to other services as well: Video Compressor, Add Subtitles to Video, Video Maker and Meme Maker.
Siteimprove Toolkit Siteimprove March 1, 2021 Free accessibility tools for your website: Accessibility checker, Accessibility Chrome extension, Accessibility statement generator and Color contrast checker; also SEO checker tool
Ninite Secure By Design Inc., Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins January 5, 2021 Install or update multiple apps/programs at once.
PHP Live Regex Philip Bjorge September 24, 2020 A Live Regular Expression Tester for PHP
RegExr gskinner August 5, 2020 RegExr is an online tool to learn, build and test Regular Expressions (RegEx/RegExp).
A DataTable with hybrid customized drop-down menus -- manual and alphabetized James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson January 31, 2020 When using DataTables, are you sometimes running into drop-down select menus that are in random order due to the mix of linked and unlinked text and need to be alphabetized while also running into some that are alphabetized and need to have the order customized manually? In this article, I show an implementation accomplishing both using a hybrid approach of the plug-in, jQuery and plain JavaScript.
Classic Browser Detection James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson before 2008; posted January 22, 2020 This browser detection was initially written well before 2008 and was updated for a number of years. It still has some use and so here it is, an oldie but a goodie. It has been slightly modified from the original one I wrote. There is no plan to update it or modify it any further. It is here for historical purposes.
TechRepublic Windows tip of the week: "Use virtual desktops to minimize distractions" Ed Bott January 22, 2020 Get more desktop real estate without having to rearrange windows and items by creating multiple desktop instances within the desktop: Windows Virtual Desktops Research Hub Randy Majors December 18, 2019 Multiple tools including the following: AncestorSearch on Google Search, Area Codes on Google Maps, City Limits on Google Maps, Climate Info on Google Maps, County Lines on Google Maps, County Maps of all 50 U.S. States, Custom Maps on Google Maps, Elevation on Google Maps, Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps, Location Explorer on Google Maps, PeopleSearch on Google Search, Section Township Range on Google Maps, Time Zones on Google Maps, What County Am I In? And ZIP Codes on Google Maps.
Responsive YouTube Video Background Vaughn D. Taylor December 18, 2019 This is a localized first version of the original Responsive YouTube Video Background created by Vaughn D. Taylor. It's important to note that this will not work on mobile devices due to mobile devices not permitting background video that is controlled by JavaScript.
Silicon Feelings Bradley Griffith December 13, 2019 An animated and interactive globe showing the emoticons used around the world; i.e., a real-time display of Emojis being tweeted by people across Earth.
Dynamic, Vertical Center over an Image James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson December 5, 2019 Do you want to vertically center text over an image without relying on the td element or display: table-cell and then using vertical-align? Do you want it to work in an adaptive/responsive environment? In this example, I show how to accomplish vertically centering text dynamically over an image.
A Soft Murmur Gabriel Brady November 22, 2019 Ambient sounds to wash away distraction.
BlueStacks BlueStacks November 22, 2019 An Android emulator, BlueStacks is "The best way to play your favorite Android games on PC."
Wheel Decide @WheelDecide November 22, 2019 A utility to help the indecisive, Wheel Decide aims "to help us all make decisions when a coin just doesn't have enough sides."
';--have i been pwned? Troy Hunt September 20, 2019 Check if you have an email account that has been compromised/hacked in a data breach.
Down For Everyone or Just Me UpDownSideways, LLC September 20, 2019 Is a website down? Is it down for everyone or just me?
Noisli Noisli September 20, 2019 Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise
Samsung Galaxy Charging Issue James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 16, 2019 update; originally authored November 13, 2013 Your Samsung Galaxy II Tablet stops working and it will not charge. It just displays the battery icon with a spinning wheel. What do you do?
A DataTable with customized drop-down menus James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 2, 2019 Do you want to control the drop-down select menus for your DataTable down to the width and the text? Do you want to allow links in your column data without disrupting the drop-down select menu associated with that column? Here's a solution using some JavaScript, jQuery and some minor touch-up with CSS.
Font Issues in Chrome on Mac James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 16, 2019 Are characters not displaying properly in Chrome browser on Mac? For example, the letter x is quotes ("), 9 is dash (‐) and y doesn't even show up. It's a font issue. And there's a fix for that.
Windows 10 God Mode Rob Marvin, PC Magazine July 22, 2019 You could read the whole article about Windows hacks including the cool one about the Mixed Reality Portal or you can just go right for my favorite one to use Windows 10 God Mode like this: Create New Folder and then rename to


And go nuts! :)
PCE.js - emulator James Friend May 21, 2019 PCE.js is an emulator/simulator of classic computers, which runs in the browser. Emulations include Classic Macintosh from 1984, running System 7.0.1, Mac Plus, Basilisk II, IBM PC running Windows 3.0, Atari ST and more.
Google Search Operators GoogleGuide April 12, 2019 A comprehensive list of Google search operators with their descriptions of what they do when part of the query input.
JSON Formatter JSON Formatter February 15, 2019 JSON Formatter is a free to use tools which helps to format, validate, save and share your JSON data. There are also converters for JSON, HTML and CSS, escapers for HTML, XML, JavaScript, Java, .NET, CSV, SQL, JSON and tools for XML, HTML, YAML and CSS.
Browser Strangeness Jeff Clayton January 18, 2019 CSS Hacks for various types of browsers (and their versions) including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera Mini.
Update! IE10+ and IE11-only CSS: Pesky Internet Explorer James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson January 18, 2019 CSS rules for Internet Explorer 10+ or only for IE11.
Update! Safari-only and Edge-only CSS: Detecting Safari Only Or Chrome Only Or Edge Only James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson January 18, 2019 With the presence of AppleWebKit in Safari, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, how can one exclusively detect for Safari while not detecting the other two browsers? This update reveals Safari-only and Edge-only CSS to do the trick!
CloudConvert Lunaweb Ltd. January 9, 2019 Convert anything to anything. "CloudConvert supports the conversion between more than 200 different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats."
Choose a Star Wars Character James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson January 9, 2019 Featuring an embedded mp4 video using HTML5, which can be paused using keystroke detection in JavaScript.
Encycolorpedia January 8, 2019 A tool providing hex color schemes, paint matching and search, color directory and color space conversions. It is everything color for CSS and HTML.
CSS scaleX and scaleY James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson January 7, 2019 Examples of scaleX and scaleY and integrating these CSS properties into JavaScript to animate images and create effects.
C-3PO Spinner James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson January 3, 2019 A simple example of stop-motion animation using JavaScript.
External CSS Remover (XCSSremover) James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson July 3, 2018 Use my XCSSremover Tool to determine external CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) used on your webpage in order to troubleshoot style issues.
Keep the lines of a textarea James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson June 18, 2018 Do you ever pass a textarea's value with a form only to have the first line the only thing that goes through (i.e., the textarea is truncated at first line)? Here's a way to resolve that with some simple JavaScript.
Speedtest June 1, 2018 Speedtest Custom - Test your Internet speeds. Featured in PC Magazine. This uses by Ookla.
Press a Key, Too! James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson May 2, 2018 This more involved than the below "Press a Key" tool utilizes JavaScript to tell what key is pressed using the onkeydown function, which provides the Key Code and the corresponding string thereof. It detects many more keys than the prior version.
Learning PHP James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson with guidance from W3Schools April 27, 2018 My snarky comments and showing examples, tips and tricks to learn PHP, thanks to guidance from the real PHP tutorial at W3Schools.
Press a Key James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 25, 2018 This simple tool utilizes JavaScript to tell what key is pressed using the onkeypress function, which provides the Character Code and the corresponding string thereof.
Lightsabers James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 19, 2018 Just for fun: A demonstration of interactive lightsabers, using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), plain JavaScript and HTML5 audio.
3D Pie Chart James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson January 17, 2018 In this article, I show how to use the JavaScript-based 3D Pie Charts by amCharts and include an interactive, customized implementation I wrote.
Responsive iframes Ben Marshall November 16, 2017 Got iframes? Ben Marshall shows how to make them responsive in his article from the other year.
Parse AJAX data containing XML nodes with namespaces James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson November 10, 2017 Say you use AJAX to pull in data with an XML node containing a namespace prefix and you want to parse the data from within that node. What to do with that XML data! The solution is surprisingly simple.
A DataTable with Multiple Drop-down Select Menus James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson November 7, 2017 Using SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery, I show an example of a DataTable with multiple drop-down menus (dropdown select menus), which is responsive and uses AJAX/JSON.
Test Your Mobile Website Speed and Performance Google November 1, 2017 Test your mobile speed. Most sites lose half their visitors while loading. How about yours? Brought to you by think with Google.
Need a referrer for AJAX? James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson October 11, 2017 What if you want to restrict your AJAX call to only be from a certain webpage?
Make hover functional on mobile/touch devices Stack Overflow October 11, 2017 The hover pseudo-class in CSS doesn't work well on mobile/touch devices like smartphones and tablets. How do you really hover with such an interface? Well, clicking or tapping an element that is affected by hover at desktop can be affected the same way on mobile/touch devices by simply adding this code to the opening body tag:
<body ontouchstart="">
Thanks to Stack Overflow for the tip.
A DataTable with Drop-down Select Menus James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 20, 2017; updated November 1, 2017 Using SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery, I show how to add a drop-down select menu (dropdown) for one particular column to a DataTable (i.e., not all columns and neither in the table header or footer). Note: The DataTable in this article is responsive and uses AJAX/JSON. November 1, 2017, update: Comments within code now specify how to add multiple drop-down select menus.
external subroutine James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 12, 2017 How does one call an external Perl function from a Perl/CGI script so one can have centralized functionality across scripts?
Raspberry Pi Azure IoT Online Simulator Microsoft September 4, 2017 Learn more here: Connect Raspberry Pi online simulator to Azure IoT Hub (Node.js)
Detecting Safari Only Or Chrome Only Or Edge Only James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 15, 2017 With the presence of AppleWebKit in Safari, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, how can one exclusively detect for one of the browsers while not detecting the other two? CSS won't work, but there's some JavaScript for that!
Interoperability, Browser & Cross Platform Testing - Microsoft Edge Development Microsoft June 27, 2017 Dev tools for the modern web - Check and debug your site with these cross platform tools: free remote testing via Browserstack, virtual machines with IE8-IE11, Quick site scan, generate screenshots (renderings across 9 common browsers/devices), F12 Dev Tools and WebDriver.
JSON Formatter and Validator Curious Concept June 26, 2017 Need help troubleshooting invalid JSON data? This is the tool for you.
A DataTable with AJAX James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson June 14, 2017 Using SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery, I show how to set up a responsive DataTable with AJAX using a text data object, but I offer Perl CGI to dynamically create the text data object from XML.
My Highlights from Modern Layouts presentation by Jen Simmons James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 10-15, 2017 My highlights from Jen Simmons presentation Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts featuring CSS shapes (circle, ellipse, border-box, polygon), columns (including automatic ones for responsive - a.k.a. RWD - sites), viewport units (including coversheet), and using display: flex with a nod to flexbox. Time to play with these stylesheet rules!
ScreenRes Tool James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 8, 2017 Want the browser to just tell you what your resolution is? Use my ScreenRes Tool to help with fine-tuning CSS for RWD rules in your responsive development in order to make your site mobile-friendly.
Responsive fancyBox Pop-Up Video James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 2-3, 2017 How does one make videos pop-up in fancyBox and be mobile friendly (responsive via RWD)? Here's some quick examples with YouTube and Vimeo to show how I do it using the fancyBox jQuery Lightbox alternative, both with a play button as part of the thumbnail image and also with a hovering play button.
AJAX 101 James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 29, 2016 While I've used it for years, I haven't written about AJAX. An oldie, but a goodie, AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript And XML and allows a webpage's content to be updated on page load where the page does not require a publish. Rather, it reads from an XML file, which is updated, say, by an application. This is an introduction to AJAX.
Velocity: Beyond the Basics: Beyond a $ here and a # to do
Kindle Edition | Google Play
James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 22, 2016 This e-book serves as a supplemental companion to my book Velocity: The Basics, reinforcing concepts from that book while introducing new topics and diving deeper into other topics in the Velocity Template Language (VTL), its tools, methods and scripting thereof. It also serves as a reference for the reader who is already familiar with Velocity.
iframe mixed mode issues James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson July 20, 2016 Help! My iframe content is not showing, but the URL I use comes up fine! Read more to see my javascript, which detects and troubleshoots iframe mixed mode issues while notifying the user and offering support such as suggestions regarding protocol, namely protocol-agnostic iframe src attributes values.
Refresher James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson May 12, 2016 Want to put a clickable refresher arrow (something to click to refresh your page) on your page, perhaps within it as seen here (below and right)?

A DataTable with Initial Column Search Values James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson May 3, 2016 Using SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery, I show how to set up a DataTable to have initial search values for specific columns, using my own JavaScript, I have it parse the values from URL parameters passed by select (drop-down) menu.
A DataTable with an Initial Search Value James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 28, 2016 Using SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery, I show how to set up a DataTable to have an initial search value. However, I go a step further. Using my own JavaScript, I have it parse this value from a URL parameter passed by a link.
A Filtered DataTable James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 28, 2016 Using SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery, I show how to set up a DataTable to be further filtered as you search, such as searching by particular columns and then searching from the filtered data returned. And again, this implementation of DataTables uses RWD, being mobile-friendly and responsive.
Making Tables Responsive James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 26, 2016 What if I have a plain table, but I want it to be responsive? I wrote a tool to convert plain tables to responsive tables using SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery so that your tables can be RWD-compliant.
Setting up a basic DataTable James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 25, 2016 Want to know how to set up a basic DataTable using SpryMedia's DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery? Here I show how in a few lines of code, you can make any table a DataTable, which means you can also make any table responsive since the new version of the plug-in is mobile-friendly and uses RWD.
Image Loading James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 21, 2016 A simple loading script that shows the percentage of images that have loaded. This can be helpful with large images or multiple images, particularly on a slower connection.
Xcode iOS simulator and Andy Android Simulator James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 6, 2016 Want to emulate iOS or Android? In this article, I share about the Xcode iOS simulator and the Andy Android Simulator. Now, you can test your responsive site for various mobile devices
What Is My March 23, 2016 What browser am I using? A browser detection tool to show which browser you are using and if it is up to date as well as show if JavaScript enabled, if cookies are enabled, if Flash is installed and up to date, if Java is installed and up to date, IP address, resolution, location, user agent, detected addons and additional technical details. Further, it offers links to update or enable as needed.
Support Details | Tech Support Management Imulus March 23, 2016 A hand browser detection tool to show which browser you are using as well as your Operating System, resolution, IP address, color depth, Flash version, whether JavaScript is enabled and if cookies are enabled.
Browser-specific CSS Hacks James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson, with thanks to Rachel Donovan, Neal Grosskopf and Webmonkey March 10, 2016 Though we want to use browser-specific CSS hacks sparingly, it sometimes becomes necessary to use them. Here, with my own material as well as that from Rachel Donovan, Neal Grosskopf and Webmonkey, I showcase browser hacks for Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.
Character Entity Reference Chart W3C March 1, 2016 The World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) HTML5 reference chart for entities. There are a lot of special characters and fonts you can make without having to rely on the ASCII codes!
Customized Social Media Buttons (and email) James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 12, 2016 Want to customize social media buttons (and email) instead of going with the defaults for Facebook and Twitter? Here's a quick and easy way to do it!
The Time Now: Time, Weather, Travel, Science The Time Now February 12, 2016 An accessible and accurate tool for time, weather, astronomy and more.
Responsive YouTube videos to scale in all browsers, tablets and phones Neil Gee February 3, 2016 A CSS-only guide to making YouTube videos scale in all browsers and devices. From Jamie Johnson: Per my testing, this works for Vimeo videos if using the URL is in the format, which can be parsed and created from Further, remove height and width attributes from the iframe elements. Neil Gee offers additional responsive solutions for a variety of video types using JavaScript and CSS.
JSHint The JSHint Team: Rick Waldron, Caitlin Potter, Mike Sherov, Mike Pennisi and Luke Page January 19, 2016 "JSHint, A Static Code Analysis Tool for detect errors and potential problems in JavaScript code and to enforce your team's coding conventions. It is very flexible so you can easily adjust it to your particular coding guidelines and the environment you expect your code to execute in. JSHint is open source and will always stay this way."
~ from
Make IE11 behave like Edge/Chrome   January 6, 2016 Thanks to a tip from Jody Condit Fagan, Ph.D., Director of Scholarly Content Systems, Libraries & Educational Technologies at James Madison University, I post this meta tag, which overcomes Internet Explorer 11's compatibility settings so that the browser will behave more like Edge (which is a version of Chrome):
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1" /> December 21, 2015 Create animated gif images, slideshows, and video animations with music online.
YouTube Pop-up in fancybox with Autoplay James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson with thanks to WD&S December 8, 2015 Web Design & Such (WD&S) writes a helpful article about fancybox pop-ups in which YouTube videos are embedded. In this article, I extend their code to use a YouTube generated image and to autoplay on pop-up. With a YouTube identifier, and calls to external JavaScript and CSS, one can easily set this up.
Windows Server 2012 R2 Authentication James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson November 20 and December 1, 2015, and January 28, 2016 How does one set up secure authentication in IIS7 on Windows Server 2012 R2?
Email mailto: (e-mail mail to) Link with Carriage Returns James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson October 29, 2015 Want your email to include carriage returns when you send it as if you pressed the enter key within the message? Click here or use something like this as your href attribute value (take note of the use of %0a): with Carriage Returns&body=This%0aAnd%0aThat%0aare on separate lines!

Velocity: The Basics: Scripting with a $ here and a # to do - The Presentation James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 21, 2015 Jamie presents in Atlanta, GA, at the Cascade Server User Conference 2015 introducing users to the Velocity Template Language (VTL) and methods thereof.
WAVE - web accessibility evaluation tool WebAIM July 2, 2015 This tool tests how accessible your website is to people with disabilities.
Animated Scroll to Top by Nick La with modifications by Jamie Johnson Nick La with modifications by James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson June 25, 2015 Have you used the wonderful Animated Scroll To Top by Nick La of Web Designer Wall? Have you done so on a mobile device? Now with my modifications for responsive web design (RWD), you can go back to top with ease on any device instead of scrolling to top after a long read.
YouTube: Play on Hover James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson June 18, 2015 with June 24, 2015, update With a little bit of HTML and some scripting (I show both JavaScript and jQuery versions), you can make YouTube videos play on hover. I added CSS to make the videos responsive as well. Updated: Since there is no hover on touch devices, I added how to handle that. This is especially important for responsive sites since RWD implies the site will be accessible from touch devices as well as non-touch devices.
GIF YouTube GifYt June 4, 2015 Create animated GIF images from YouTube videos.
Dynamic Dummy Image Generator Russell Heimlich May 29, 2015 Dynamically generate images and graphics at specific resolutions and aspect ratios. This can be helpful with creating adaptive or responsive (RWD) images.
JAnalyzer James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson May 28, 2015 Use my JAnalyzer jQuery tool to know the pixel widths of elements on your page (so as to prevent overflow at lower resolutions). This JavaScript and HTML markup will assist you in RWD (Responsive Web Design) implementation.
Convert.Files Convert Files April 29, 2015 Extensive file conversion tool: Free online file converter and flash video downloader. Convert videos, audio files, documents and ebooks and Flash video to MP3.
What Browser? Google April 29, 2015 A browser detection tool to show which browser you are using and if it is the latest version and if not, provides a link to update.
Google Mobile-Friendly Test Google April 28, 2015 As part of mobile RWD (responsive) testing, this tool will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design to let you know whether or not your site will be penalized and affect SEO.
Toggling sub-menu items in slimMenu with links, not just buttons James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 24, 2015 jQuery slimMenu, by Adnan Topal, is a useful responsive collapsing multi-level menu. jQuery slimMenu users, do you want to toggle multi-level sub-menu items at lower resolution with links as well as buttons? Check out my code needed in the bottom of the HTML page using slimMenu.
Firefox Exception? James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson March 4, 2015 Firefox is becoming the troublesome browser and developers have to single it out in some projects. How does one write CSS code to account for Firefox being the exception to other browsers (even Internet Explorer 11) so that its page renderings can be styled properly (similar to what had to be implemented in older IE versions)?
RWDtester James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 24, 2015 Use my simple JavaScript tool to know what the breakpoint is when certain behaviors happen or should happen as you implement RWD (Responsive Web Design).
Windows Server 2012 R2 HTTP Redirect James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 4, 2015 Using Server Manager and IIS7, how does one both enable HTTP Redirect on Windows Server 2012 R2 as well as use it to redirect a folder to a new location?
CSS Vocabulary @sakamies / @workflower January 16, 2015 Click on the code or the CSS terms in the sidebar to see which is what.
Canva Canva December 11, 2014 A free online tool where you can edit photos or create images and designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.
Device Down James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson November 14, 2014 Originally containing ONLY my article Put the Device Down and Look Up (Article Summary: This device-obsessed culture challenges experiencing true human interaction, being present and taking in the moment. Are you a master over and independent of devices or is it the other way around?), this has grown to include videos, additional reading and images highlighting the obsession with devices and technology and the costs to authentic human interaction. Keywords: mobile, device, tablet, culture, communication, challenge, iPhone, addiction, lifestyle. An easier URL directs you there:
Accordion demonstration James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson and Switchroyale November 5, 2014 I had a little fun with Switchroyale's Vellenato jQuery Accordion, using a Pac-Man theme.
Pure CSS responsive images Bjorn Wikkeling October 30, 2014 Pure CSS responsive images, which do not require JavaScript. This utility will help with responsive web design (RWD). The October 10, 2013, article by Bjorn Wikkeling is at
Yellow plus Red is not Orange James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson October 22, 2014 How does one literally combine colors? It's not by adding them. Is there a way to use the hexadecimal values to do this effectively?
Da Button Factory @imagefu October 22, 2014 A utility to create buttons online by specifying the CSS values for text, font, text shadow. The button can also be an image if desired. Brought to you by @imagefu.
Pesky Internet Explorer James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 12, 2014 One of the many web developer headaches: Newer versions of Internet Explorer do not support IE conditional statements or IE-only CSS properties. However, what if you want to affect all versions of Internet Explorer, even the newer ones? This article offers some tips to deal with this browser in its various versions.
Connecting to an Access Database using Classic ASP without FrontPage Server Extensions James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 11, 2014 How to get a classic ASP application (which uses an Access Database and FrontPage Server Extensions) working on Windows Server 2012 without FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE) or some other alternative such as Expression Web.
YouTube Time James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 26, 2014 Article Summary: Do you want to start a YouTube video at a certain spot such as starting at 2 minutes and 30 seconds? This article explains how and also features my YouTube Time Tool to do it for you!
resizeMyBrowser Chen Luo August 25, 2014 Resize your browser at various resolutions to test responsive websites. It allows resizing for both innerWindow and outerWindow sizes.
Responsive Design Testing Matt Kersley August 25, 2014 A tool to help with testing responsive websites while designing and building them.
XML Validator August 5, 2014 A simple and good XML Validation Tool: Paste your XML into a text area and check its syntax.
Put the Device Down and Look Up James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson July 17, 2014 Article Summary: This device-obsessed culture challenges experiencing true human interaction, being present and taking in the moment. Are you a master over and independent of devices or is it the other way around?
Keywords: mobile, device, tablet, culture, communication, challenge, iPhone, addiction, lifestyle Muri July 11, 2014 Easily generate cool text-images from almost any picture.
Old English Text MT N/A July 11, 2014 This is not really an article or a utility, but I didn't know where else to put it. So, if you want to have an Old English font value for the font-family property in CSS...
HTML Countdown to Date (Javascript Timer) June 24, 2014 Use a generator to hep create a countdown clock that will count down the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years remaining until your target date.
Mobile and Tablet Detection James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson June 17, 2014 I take a two-factor approach for detection of mobile devices and tablets. This would be helpful to offer a separate mobile site or complement a responsive or adaptive site.
Mobile emulation - Google Chrome Google June 6, 2014 A multi-device mobile emulator is built in to Google Chrome! This is very useful for testing mobile and responsive (RWD) and adaptive development.
Time-stamped email with basic email validation James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson May 30, 2014 Just for fun: A time-stamped (or date-stamped) pre-populated email (e-mail) client-side mailer written in JavaScript with some basic validation of the email address.

Scrolling Navigation James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson May 9, 2014 A demonstration a basic scrolling navigation I wrote using jQuery. When you scroll or when you click on the arrows, it shows the up and down arrows as needed and tracks where you are. On the first pane, the up arrow does not show. On the last pane, the bottom arrow does not show. Both arrows show in the panes between the first and last.
Toggle Navigation James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson May 8, 2014 A simple jQuery toggle navigation which expands and collapses sub-navigation links while highlighting the link corresponding to the page you are on, maintaining expansion as needed.
bento John Chan March 26, 2014 Learn earn to code - Everything you need to know about web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, python, SQL, JSON, jQuery, LESS, Bootstrap responsive framework, node.js, SASS, regex, vim, mobile development, Java, XML, ASP.NET and more...)
WOW.js Matt Aussaguel March 24, 2014 Reveal JavaScript animations as you scroll in a way that is friendly to Animate.css.
Detect Mobile Browsers Chad Smith March 24, 2014 Scripts to detect mobile browsers.
Velocity: The Basics: Scripting with a $ here and a # to do
Kindle Edition | Google Play
James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 23 and March 3, 2014 This e-book serves to teach one how to program in the Velocity Template Language (VTL) and covers methods in the scripting thereof. It also serves as a reference for the reader who may already be developing in Velocity. Time and Date AS February 24, 2014 World clocks, time zones, calendars, weather, sun and moon, timers, calculators, counters/countdowns and more! Even Scharning / Netburn Web Solutions February 24, 2014 Exact time, clocks, comparisons, calendar, populations, information about every country in the world, apps, maps and more!
Animate.css Daniel Eden January 31, 2014 A demo of many cool animations you can do in CSS.
Online CSS Unminifier Peter Coles January 31, 2014 Unminify or beautify your CSS with this online CSS unminifier/beautifier.
Online JavaScript Beautifier Einar Lielmanis January 31, 2014 Beautify ("unminify", unpack, deobfuscate) your JavaScript or HTML. Written by Einar Lielmanis; maintained and evolved by Liam Newman; use of CodeMirror syntax highlighting editor by Marijn Haverbeke; made with assistance from Jason Diamond, Patrick Hof, Nochum Sossonko, Andreas Schneider, Dave Vasilevsky, Vital Batmanov, Ron Baldwin, Gabriel Harrison, Chris J. Shull, Mathias Bynens, Vittorio Gambaletta, Stefano Sanfilippo and Daniel Stockman.
Link Checker W3C January 23, 2014 Check the links of your website with this online tool.
Epoch Converter Misja Op de Coul January 8, 2014 Epoch & Unix Timestamp Conversion Tools: Date and Time conversions from system dates and times to human readable dates and times. This site also shows how to obtain and convert date/time in various languages including PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Java, C#, C, C++, VBScript, ASP, MySQL, Unix/Linux and JavaScript.
Responsive Web Design Testing Tool Jonathan Torke December 17, 2013 A handly online responsive web design tool to display what your site looks like on a mobile device.
Samsung Galaxy Charging Issue James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson November 13, 2013; updated September 16, 2019 Your Samsung Galaxy II Tablet stops working and it will not charge. It just displays the battery icon briefly and goes black. What do you do?
BrowserStack BrowserStack October 2, 2013 Cross-browser compatibility testing - access to all desktop and mobile browsers.
browserling Browserling, Inc. October 2, 2013 Interactive cross-browser compatibility testing.
modern.IE Microsoft October 2, 2013 Cross-browser compatibility testing for various IE versions. Tools to support modern and older versions of Internet Explorer (IE). Free tools include downloading free test versions of IE Virtual Machines (VMs) for Windows, Mac or Linux.
Web Colour Data Ri Liu with assistance from Bo Jeanes October 1, 2013 Get colors (colours) from a website or URL
Storify livefyre October 1, 2013 Make the web tell a story by collecting media from across the web (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and more) and publishing on storify and embedding anywhere.
LongURL October 1, 2013 Browse securely with confidence by examining short URLs before visiting them.
Hex-to-RGB Conversion September 11, 2013 Hexadecimal-to-Red-Green-Blue (Hex-to-RGB) color converter.
YouTube Images James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson September 10, 2013 Do you want to access the thumbnail images from a YouTube video? Here's how.
Text to HTML August 28, 2013 Convert plain text to HTML Code. Encode characters with accents and similar symbols, including non-English letters.
TextFixer: We Help You Make Web Stuff! August 28, 2013 In addition to the Text to HTML tool, this site has many other HTML (and text) tools as well, including converting a Word Doc to HTML, converting URLs to HTML links, converting CSV Text to HTML Table, Character encoding, URL encoding, HTML Table Generator, JavaScript Pop-up Window Maker and more!
Free Online OCR August 28, 2013 Convert graphics to text. Convert images to text. Convert JPEG/JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, DjVu to text.
Check Your Plugins: Keeping your plugins up to date helps Firefox run safely and smoothly. Mozilla August 23, 2013 Making the Firefox browser more secure, this site lists plugins, their statuses, and actions -- needs update and research or is up to date.
Accessify: Quick Form Builder Accessify August 22, 2013 Accessify offers many accessible tools. This one is a tool to build a quick and accessible web form without the tedious HTML behind the scenes.
Dislike in Facebook James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 5, 2013 Are you ever on Facebook and you want to dislike something using the thumbs down emoticon? If so, then follow the instructions here.
Screenfly QuirkTools August 2, 2013 A tool to view your website on a variety of device screens and resolutions, Screenfly is helpful for mobile and responsive web development.
Pingdom Website Speed Test Pingdom Tools July 9, 2013 This Full Page Test tool helps you analyze the load speed of your website and offers suggestions to make it faster, including correcting slow points, and using best practices to optimize performance.
WebPagetest Google, originally developed by AOL, online version run by the WPO Foundation July 8, 2013 WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test: Run a free website speed test from around the globe using real browsers at consumer connection speeds with detailed optimization recommendations (with parameters for browser, location and connection).
Nivo Slider issue induced by Superfish James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson June 27, 2013 Are you using the Nivo Slider with the Superfish menu on an iPhone? Do the slides fail to load in iOS? Here's the solution!
iPhone Emulators Disappoint James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson June 27, 2013 When it comes to testing for iOS, iPhone emulators fail. Mobile emulators are not the real thing.
Responsive Design Testing across Devices BrowserStack June 24, 2013 Responsive design testing across devices by generating screenshots at actual device sizes on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows
HTML5 compatibility on mobile and tablet browsers Maximiliano Firtman (@firt) June 20, 2013 A chart of mobile and tablet browsers showing HTML5 compatibility
A cross-browser Superfish horizontal menu with fixed position and automatic resizing of menu items James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson June 18, 2013 How to implement a horizontal Superfish menu with dropdowns, that is cross-browser compatible, fixed in position to follow your scroll and makes menu items consistent in sizing based on the number of items
Responsinator Tama Pugsley (@tamapugsley) June 6, 2013 A tool to test the responsiveness of your website Gradient Generator Steven Wittens and Felix Nagel June 5, 2013 SCC + SVG + Canvas gradient generator
Can I use May 26, 2013 Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers
Clipping Magic Vector Magic, Inc. May 21, 2013 Remove Image Backgrounds instantly!
PlaceIt breezi April 15, 2013 Get a screenshot of your site on multiple devices
HTML5 & CSS3 Support April 15, 2013
colors on the web Donald Johansson March 12, 2013 A color-matching application to create designs with great-looking colors
Detecting Flash James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 14, 2013 Code showing how to detect Flash, useful on mobile devices
Pixlr Autodesk February 7, 2013 An online photo editor, which rivals PhotoShop. Edit images and graphics and add effects to create your own design.
Breaking the Mobile Web: Mobile Emulators & Simulators: The Ultimate Guide Maximiliano Firtman (@firt) January 24, 2013
Simplest CSS3 Generator January 8, 2013 A graphical interface to generate CSS3 effects
Awesome CSS3/HTML5 Animation from Sitepoint Sitepoint December 13, 2012
CSS3-Only Mona Lisa at Codepen Jay Salvat November 30, 2012
CSS3-Only AT-AT at Codepen trickeedickee November 30, 2012
Upside-Down You Turn Me James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson October 3, 2012 A fun "tool" I wrote to turn text upside-down
YUI Weekly - September 21st, 2012 Derek Gathright September 12, 2012 This YUI blog engry features my work - a Jeopardy game using jQuery and YUI3 CSS Grids
Color Comparison Utility James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson October 15, 2012 A useful color comparison tool I wrote to test colors and drag frames of web sites to compare
Sumo Sumoing LTd., Aaro Vaananen, Lauri Koutaniemi, Petri Leskinen October 15, 2012 Powerful web graphics editor for your browser or computer. The ultimate drawing and painting app. Formerly sumopaint.
HTML to Entity Converter James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson April 15, 2012 Another useful tool I wrote in perl to convert HTML code to entities (so you can post the code that can be copied, etc.)
Fundraising Thermometer James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson August 17, 2011 A JavaScript-only fundraising thermometer I wrote. No Flash, no JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. Just a couple of .gif images and simple markup with plain JavaScript!
ASP - Active Server Pages James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson October 28, 2009 one of my coding sites, an ASP tutorial
Perl, CGI and Apache Server James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson July 25, 2008, and ongoing one of my ongoing sites, primarily a perl tutorial
Removing Ad Banners James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson February 2008 a hint I shared - removing ad banners from AOL
ZamZar File Conversion June 1, 2007 A free online conversion tool that converts numerous file formats
Tidbits! (JavaScript, HTML, and more) James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson March 2005 and ongoing my ongoing code snippet site - HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more
Other articles by me James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson January 2005 and ongoing (archive site) Ron Doyle Year 2000 and ongoing A blog "About Computers for Newbies & Everyone Else" which has since moved to The Gray Haired Tech